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Yeshivat Maharat is the first institution to ordain Orthodox women as clergy. Through a rigorous curriculum of Talmud, halakhic decision-making (psak), pastoral counseling, leadership development, and internship experiences, our graduates are authorized to be poskot (legal arbiters) within the boundaries of halakha. Graduates are conferred the title Maharat, a Hebrew acronym for Manhiga Hilkhatit Rukhanit Toranit, one who is teacher of Jewish law and spirituality.

Yeshivat Maharat has set the standard for the requisite skill set necessary to succeed as members of the clergy. The four-year program is modeled on the established rabbinic course of study, ensuring that graduates are prepared to serve as clergy alongside male peers. Complementing the Talmud and halakha courses, the curriculum emphasizes pastoral training and spiritual development. To fully prepare students for careers in Jewish leadership, students complete internships in synagogues, university campuses, Jewish communal organizations, and teach as visiting scholars in synagogues nationwide.

This year, Yeshivat Maharat has seventeen students enrolled, and continues to seek out candidates of the highest caliber. The degree granted to graduates confirms the powerful role that female spiritual and halakhic leaders play in Jewish communal life. Now, the community can draw from 100% of the Orthodox population to serve as passionate leaders, who are committed to halakha, while at the same time open and sensitive to the daily struggles that the Jewish people face.

Yeshivat Maharat offers an enhanced vision of synagogue and communal leadership; one that places equal value on the active participation of all its members.

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Yeshivat Maharat is proudly supported by:
The Slingshot Guide
Bikkurim: An Incubator for New Jewish Ideas
Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York
Targum Shlishi, a Raquel and Aryeh Rubin Foundation
Yeshivat Maharat admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin.